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Seinfeld - Beder Bothers Bee

June 26, 2021 — ~rawktucc

I love Seinfeld. I consider it one of the greatest TV shows ever made. A lot of people will disagree but I don’t really care, I enjoy it!

There’s one particular scene in Seinfeld that really bothers me though. It’s a scene I feel could have been made differently to avoid a gimmick to get a character out of frame.

Season 3, Episode 8 - The Tape

Jerry is mesmerized by a dirty message left on a tape recorder from his last performance. George becomes infatuated with Elaine.

The scene in particular is when Jerry, George and Elaine are in Monks Coffee Shop. Jerry mentions to Elaine about a dirty message left on his tape recorder after a stand-up comedy show he did. Jerry is then called off-screen by a character known as “Beder”, in order to advance the plot.

You can watch a clip of this scene here

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First blog post

February 06, 2021 — ~rawktucc

Blag blag blagging, i’m glabbing on!

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