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maybe I don't need to exist..... since I'm here...... and there.... and everywhere.....


Hi there!

I'm Nova , a 19 years old high school student. My hobbies are software development , blogging , photography , minimal websites design and being a DJ. I try to be friendly with people. Personality varies with mood. Pronouns are he/him and they/them. Want to know my birthday? Contact me. :D

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Friendly reminder that Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , YouTube or whatever centralized platform controlled by corporations are trash

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~> Pleroma
~> Plume
~> WriteFreely
~> Zap

You can download my certificate authority root here (can be used for https in .onion websites, so the browser won't complain)

If you want me to sign any cert with that CA , contact me.

You can also see which software i'm using on this page. There is cringe software also listed there , you've been warned.


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~> Lainzine MUC

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