"Welcome to the Mirage Order Secrete Facility!"

The AI greets you with a cheerful voice.

"This is the facility's main hall, please be carefull while looking around visitor, i ask you to not touch anything."

Gemini Capsule

Then the AI starts telling you about the Mirage Order and this facility.

General's office

"Here you can learn more about the General, the boss around here."


In front of you is a clear glass display, on it you find dates and titles. They appear to be some kind of logs.

2023-05-24 - The Hate on Anime
2023-05-24 - Review: Quintessential quintuplets
2023-05-20 - Using dreams to your advantage
2023-05-17 - Beauty
2023-05-13 - Update 2023-05-13
2023-05-13 - Super skills

Supercomputer room

"Here you can browse the public accesible information about various realms, and learn more about the organisation"


"There are portals that link to friendly facilities."

Media Room

"The media room has entartainment, ranging from books to movie,anime and music."



"Here you can find some channels to contact the Head General Ariel (Mirari)."

Email: miragearhitect@disroot.org

XMPP: miragearhitect@snug.moe

Matrix: @miragearhitect:snug.moe

Fediverse: @mirari@fedi.absturztau.be