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21 august 2020

I've started taking IT classes. It seems pretty easy. It's all HTML editing like this. OH god oh fuck how do i get out of the text file x

24 may 2020

downloaded ren'py, it's a program used to make visual novels, i get to familiarize myself with Python while also working with art. It does make the process more enjoyable. I think it's also using its own language along with Python, dont quote me on that.

12 march 2020

i still have no idea what I'm doing

11 march 2020

I can now delete and create files and folders. That's...a step in the right direction. This is pretty much all progress I've made on coding though, but it do be like that. How does these work, it seems I can write in my terminal forever, so how do I know if it will turn out good. Guess we'll see.

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