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I found a CRT!

April 21, 2024 — ~ebruce613

On Wednsday, (2024-04-17)

I found a CRT monitor (around 15.5") on the side of the road, it was sitting there with a printer, a photocopier, a washing machine and a PS/2 keyboard (but no computer). I brought it home and wiped it down, and connected it to power and my BeOS laptop. I powered on the computer, and then I see the BIOS POST screen from the laptop, on the CRT. I didn’t use it much with my BeOS machine, as I didn’t really have enough space in my room to have both out at once. At the moment, I have it plugged in to my 32-bit desktop, running FreeDOS off a USB, although naturally, I tried out Haiku on it as well.

Now for some pictures:

DOS, with my custom menu system Haiku, with an IRC client This thing is pretty deep!