measuring my steps
I follow where I'm led
and wonder what I know
and whether to stay home

and let it be stable
under the table
at least 'til I'm able

I could look into myself
find out who to tell
I could break out of my shell

or I could just stay here
whispering prayers

for it to stay stable
kept under the table
at least 'til I'm able

open eyed, ask my questions
until I learn my lesson

the legs of this table
are rotted, unstable
and I might be able
to believe the fables


let up somehow
the only blues a passing jay
another day down
will it always be this way?

sift the stars out
all these things I can't replace
run the heat down
wash the moon out of my face

let the coastal rain collect
in the hollows of my bed
let the silence be my guest
while the ocean clears my head