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tilde.team expected maintenance

apr 14 2019 - ~khuxkm

Hey all! ~khuxkm here.

Just wanted to let everybody know that around next Saturday, we'll be moving to a new host at OVH!

OVH currently hosts Tildeverse member YourTilde. Our new machine is b e e f y~

There will be a period of expected downtime as we migrate. Just wait, and we'll make your experience worth every second!

This will affect all tildeverse services hosted on the tilde.team server. This includes mastodon, pleroma, cryptpad, git, paste, nullpointer, etc.

Always working to help improve this server,

~khuxkm and the tilde.team admins

edit: i had some free time tonight and did the migration early. we're on the new box! everything should be up and running on the new box. please let an admin know if something is amiss. if you get a MITM warning from ssh, please remove the offending entry from known_hosts. the expected key signature is: SHA256:R3qNfKIF3IiXhKCbFX6rCKl73yzexi9Wodsow6XFres. ~ben